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Grass roots, inclusivity, community leadership, direct care, equal opportunity. Poverty is traumatic, service is healing.
Guiding Principles


Transform post traumatic stress to post traumatic growth. Create equal opportunities for mental health.

Global Adolescent Project Activities

  • Continued support of our currently active GAP youth-please see the amazing story of Drs. Eder and Junior
  • Sponsor education including tuition, fees and supplies
  • Support all basic needs including food, shelter, clothing, health costs and transportation
  • Coordinate with school administrators to insure student success
  • Emotional support to students via healthy communication and as role models
  • Guide student planning and transitions to the work force

G.A.P. Create Activities

  • Trainings in Trauma Resilience, Addiction Recovery and Mental Wellbeing
  • Respond and coordinate post disaster mental health teams
  • Peer Education and Training in at-risk schools
  • Paraprofessional Training for Mental Health Agents
  • Mental Health Agents at mobile health clinics
  • Covid-19 front line worker counseling project
  • Co-sponsor and participate in the Spirituality and Mental Health conference
  • Self help group development
  • Remain connected with our global family of volunteers, supporters and beneficiaries


  • Complete the education of our GAP youth
  • Continue helping disenfranchised youth in disaster zones
  • Support an integrative model for community mental health and addiction recovery
  • Continue paraprofessional education and training
  • Provide community trainings that promote wellbeing and recovery from trauma and addictions
  • Secure and expand APAAC (Haiti’s only addiction prevention and treatment facility)

Bigger Dreams

Develop an online global mental health portal that includes

  • Mentorship/peer support
  • Internships
  • Tele Mental Health Direct Services
  • Trainings
  • Multilingual Access