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When I think about my own mental health, I am aware that my journey would have been significantly better if I had more support in my teen years. When I got to Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake and met young people at the displaced persons camp who had lost their homes, their parents and even their identity papers, I knew that I had to take action. I started Global Adolescent Project (G.A.P.) because I was aware, from extensive travel and living in the middle east, that youth such as those I met in Haiti existed all over the world.

At the same time as we built Global Adolescent Project, we saw that mental health and wellbeing is a community issue and we needed to educate and train mental health workers of all levels of expertise. This is how GAPCreate was born. We integrate community resources for education, training and counseling related to issues of trauma resilience, addiction recovery and mental wellbeing for people of all ages. We strongly believe in equal opportunity for mental wellbeing.

When the challenge of Covid-19 and its related mental health issues arose, we began an initiative in the United States starting in Los Angeles and partnering with CORE Response who do testing all over the country. We worked for almost two years with over 65 licensed therapists who volunteered their time to provide pro bono therapy to essential and frontline workers. We donated thousands of hours of therapy and provided wonderful training and supervision for our volunteers. We are committed to expanding these services as needs arise.




University of Notre Dame of Haiti

Haiti Psychological Association

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