Global Adolescent Project

Global Adolescent Project works to provide shelter, food security, education, role models, and business development skills and opportunities. G.A.P. aims to provide young people with a path out of poverty, while becoming mentors for the next generation. Global Adolescent Project envisions a global network of young people who will encourage and support each other in good times and in bad. G.A.P. youth share ideas, interests, coping mechanisms and educational tools via online communication outlets. Through communication, they teach, and learn, about their different cultures and customs, thus becoming more aware of the world. Their solidarity will dissolve national boundaries and prejudices, leading to a more prosperous, sustainable and peaceful world.

To educate, encourage and empower disenfranchised youth, globally. 

To be partners in community resilience through peer education and counseling in trauma, addictions and mental wellbeing. We have worked with organizations on the ground to develop training with mental health professionals, paraprofessionals and students of every age.

To transform post traumatic stress to post traumatic growth. To provide equal opportunities for mental health.

Guiding principles or our values are grass roots, paraprofessional, community leadership, direct care, equal opportunity, poverty is traumatic, service is healing.